Happiness can generally be described as how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a daily basis. If you’re feeling unhappy or experiencing a period of anxiety  and a loss of contentment, finding happiness can be really difficult, but not impossible (even though it may seem so).

Last week, I talked about my three favourite tips for finding happiness – gratitude – movement – visualization on a live video, don’t worry if you missed it, you can watch it here.  

The three techniques for finding happiness which I use most often and which have had the biggest impact on my daily life are:


The term ‘gratitude’ is frequently used in the self-development world and its positive impact on our emotions can often be overlooked.  A grateful attitude can help you to gain perspective, stay in the present and experience positive emotions, helping to break the cycle of negativity in your life and build a stronger relationship with yourself.


We’re told it all the time – exercise more, aim to reach your step count each day, go to the gym more often – but the reality is that’s sometimes really difficult to do, especially when you’re feeling unhappy or sad, trying to motivate yourself can then become part of a cycle of negativity.  


Many people aren’t aware of how visualization techniques can help you find the space to let go and clear your mind when you feel anxious or unhappy.  Spending time meditating can help you to focus your thoughtsconnect with your emotions and re-discover your imagination.

For my top tips on incorporating Gratitude, Movement and Visualization into your daily life, watch the video here.

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I hope you find the video helpful and I’d love to hear your comments – what techniques do you use? What’s the special thought or memory that always brings a smile to your face?

If you’d like more tips on restoring your positive energy, you can read them here.

Warmly, Anne

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

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