This week we’re focusing on how we go from stressed to serene this summer. Do you recognise this scenario?


You’ve been busy for the last few months juggling family, work commitments, relationships etc and you finally get to the summer and you’re READY for you holiday! You’re feeling really tired and can’t wait to get there, but find that when you do, you’re unable to switch off and rest.


Relaxing is one of the big problems I’ve experienced, I would finally sit down and tell myself that this is the time to rest and re-charge but then somehow I couldn’t switch off or stop worrying and thinking about things I hadn’t done yet.


We can get stuck in a negative worry cycle and inner critic consciousness telling us we don’t deserve to have time off – of course there is another way!


Here’s a few tips that have helped me and women I’ve worked with actually stop trying to do it all and find that when you do get away you’re able to let go and release the worry, fear and anxiety –  that’s obviously what holidays should be about – getting out in the sunshine, going out in the evening and spending quality time by ourselves and with our families.


We work so much with our left brain – which is responsible for thinking, analysing and organising – the active managing part of our brain, when we stop using our left brain the right brain kicks in, it’s about looking at things differently, having fun and letting go. Going slower and switching off, sadly what can happen – when we’re so used to being in left brain, is that we don’t give ourselves time to use the right brain, when we switch off our right brain doesn’t know what to do as we’re so programmed to be constantly ‘doing’.


People think gosh! I have time to think, be self-aware and this can bring up a huge amount of fear. We need space and time to reconnect and re-energize. We are cyclical beings; we’re supposed to have times of rest and recovery.


As this week goes on, I’ll be here every day sharing ideas and tips on how you can help this process before and during your holiday. You’ll begin to step back and stop taking life at such a hectic pace.


I look forward to you joining me!


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Warmly, Anne

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!




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