Do you have stress & negativity in your life? Would you like to feel joy & happiness again?

Humans, especially women, have had a deep connection to the moon for centuries. Each phase of the moon— new, first quarter, full, and last quarter — occurs, on average, once a month. When we tune in to the different phases of the moon, we can release some of life’s stresses and find our intuitive rhythm, our Divine “sat-nav”.

When we are emotionally following the same moon phases, we find that the more in touch with these phases we are, the more impact they can have on our lives. This can help us create and manifest the life that we desire.

In this video, I explore the ways in which the moons phases can help you, and the reasons you should tap into the celestial empowerment that it gives us.

1st Reason – it helps you to slow down

2nd Reason – helps you to amplify the power of your dreams

3rd Reason – creates specific times for self-care

4th Reason – great for creating self-awareness

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For a copy of my ‘Manifest with the Moon’ cheat sheet – a quick checklist with suggestions for what to do at each phase of the moon, click HERE to download.

Warmly, Anne

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

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