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Crack the Confidence Code is a signature program for 40+ women who want to reclaim their inner confidence and creativity by challenging their past beliefs and rediscovering their dreams using powerful, practical steps.

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Dear Confidence Seeker,



I know your heart longs for more.


Now, you’ve reached the midpoint in your life and you want to stop and discover the woman you are NOW.


Reflect on your past and let go of any limiting, negative beliefs.


Take stock of your skills, gifts and desires.


Focus on the future that involves YOU being the woman you’re truly meant to be.


No longer feel  invisible and discarded by a society that focuses too much on youth and outward beauty.


Instead, you want to acknowledge your past, learn from your life experiences and find the deep inner confidence to rewrite your story and become the heroine of your future.



You desire to:

  • Recognize your resources and gifts.
  • Make big shifts in your career that lead to an exciting and fulfilling life.
  • Let go of relationships that no longer serve you in a positive way.
  • Find time for yourself amidst the ongoing demands of your busy routine without feeling guilty.
  • Step out in faith so you can move forward and continue to develop spiritually
  • Eliminate all doubts, excuses and blocks that prevent you from following through on your plans.
  • Free yourself from depression and anxiety and acknowledge your struggle with control.
  • Shift your perspective from victim to survivor

And most of all:


You want to feel that sense of complete certainty that you CAN achieve all of your deepest held desires



The problem is:


  • You’re worn down by the conflicting demands of others and you’ve lost your sense of self.
  • You feel life is passing you by and question your inner resilience and self-belief to make the changes needed to transform your life.


Maybe you:


  • Think you’re too old to challenge old habits and negative behaviors
  • Lost sight of your gifts and skills
  • Are too entrenched in your past that you can’t see the future without fear and insecurity
  • Are terrified of change and the person you’ll become
  • Don’t know how you’ll find the time and energy in your busy schedule to begin your transformation
  • Are afraid it’ll be too difficult to do on your own and you don’t know if you’ll get the support you need
  • Fear will be too painful and overwhelm will trigger past anxiety and depression
  • Know you’re not in control and too worried to step out into the unknown
  • Are afraid of failure, being judged or laughed at.


Now you need to stop and take a DEEP BREATH!


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I get it!

I’ve been there, too!


As a social worker for over 20 years, I’ve experienced many of the complex difficulties and situations life can throw at women. Throughout that time, the root of many problems were a lack of self-esteem and confidence.


As a mother at 19, in an abusive relationship and a working single parent for over 12 years, I also experienced many of life’s challenges up close and personal.


I was divorced and struggling to find a healthy relationship.


I have a daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome and experienced the many challenges that this created.

I’ve been in the middle of a step-parent family, have known how tough it can to manage the needs of ill elderly parents, struggled with my own mental health issues and coped with the losses that are a part of life.


I’ve held down a stressful and demanding job while coping with depression and anxiety.


Five years ago, I had a serious breakdown and had no choice but to step back from the world and reassess my life and career options.


Throughout my life, I believed the negative stories. I didn’t believe in myself, was ashamed of my past, overwhelmed by trying to do everything on my own and feeling powerless to make any changes.




I’m living a very different life.


I left my job as a social worker and went back to college at 45.


I reignited my love of crafts and sewing and used this as a transformational tool to aid my recovery and develop and learn new and exciting skills.


I took the plunge into the world of self-development and felt so empowered by challenging my strong negative thought patterns.


After working on my mindset, I’ve launched into a world with no limitations.


Rather than continuing a cycle of counselling and therapy, I decided to invest in the services of an emotional confidence coach. That was where the real magic happened.

I began to see huge shifts in my self-esteem and self-love. I started to believe in the wonderful, resilient, beautiful person I was–inside and out.


Becoming a life and confidence coach was a natural progression. I wanted to share my growth and experiences to support, teach and inspire other women to crack their own confidence code.


I work my own hours and have a flexible, rewarding career that enables me to make a difference. I combine my love of creativity with my social work communication skills to make a powerful difference in other women’s lives.


I would LOVE you to wake up in the morning excited and looking forward to the wonders of the day ahead.


Many women start to do the work but then life takes over. They struggle to commit to consistent action and change.


Here’s the thing:


Their mindset is holding them back.


“This won’t work for me.”

“I don’t have the time or energy.”

“I’m anxious and scared to step out of my comfort zone.”


Luckily, that’s not you!!


You’re a woman with core inner confidence ,abilities and skills that just need to be rediscovered and brought back to life!


I know we all need support along the way: a cheerleader to motivate and encourage you to move past all those blocks and guide you on your journey.


I don’t want you to waste any more of your precious life procrastinating and feeling stuck; not knowing how to achieve your dreams and desires.


That’s why I’ve created  the Crack the Confidence Code with ABC Signature Program!



What can I expect from Crack the Confidence Code with the ABC(Anne Bird Coaching) Signature Program?


You’ll learn


Change your mindset and sense of self

Uncover an incredible inner belief in who you are and strategies that will enable you to achieve all you desire

Clear and release past hurts and negative emotions to allow space for expectant opportunities and growth

Learn ways to focus on the future away from the demands of everyday life without feeling like you’re letting others down

Recognize fears but bravely choose to step out in faith with the encouragement and accountability of a supportive community and network

Learn to nurture your resilience and flexibility to manage difficult life events

Reinvent yourself with new skills and strategies

  • Incorporate effective techniques to tap into your innate creativity, learn different perspectives and experiment with new thoughts, ideas and activities
  • Develop a lasting practical toolkit to help shape your future your way



The Program


There are 4 main building blocks in the Crack the Confidence Code Signature Program


  1. Resilience.

I’ll teach you effective mindset techniques to strengthen your inner belief and resources. Using the Law of Attraction, meditation and visualization techniques, we’ll create a clear routine and consistent approach to shifting your limiting beliefs and past stories.


  1. Reliance:

Here you’ll focus on the future and learn how to become self-reliant. You’ll also know when you need to accept the support and inspiration of others. Goal setting and reassessing your current relationships, career and social issues.


  1. Rejuvenation:

I’ll show you how to expand your definition of self and explore ways to relearn, grow and expand your knowledge and inner sense of who you really are. You’ll experiment with new ideas, techniques and approaches regarding self-development.


  1. Creative Toolkit:

You’ll become familiar with practical tools that you can take with you on your journey through life via different crafts, joy boxes and mindful journaling to support you as you travel your new path.



How will the program be delivered?


In 3 short months with me you’ll get:

One-on-one coaching sessions every two weeks via Skype and a weekly update email chat option.

Regular workbooks to help you navigate through some of the modules with helpful prompts and inspiration.

Videos to show you how to complete the practical creative sessions.

Access to a resource library and numerous book recommendations.

Access to me via email and the option of additional brainstorming and mind mapping sessions when you need extra help.


So, click on the button NOW ,book a Confidence Clarity Call, to get started on your life changing transformation!


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That’s not all. You’ll also receive these bonuses:


Bonus 1: Two extra mediations, one for rejuvenation the other for release.


Bonus 2: Journaling workbook to kick start your transformative writing practices.


Bonus 3: A set of inspirational recipes from the Midlife Kitchen cookery book to encourage you to have a healthy mind and body.


Are your ready to make those shifts??


Spaces in my program are limited so I encourage you to apply NOW

When you click on the button below, you’ll be directed to my scheduling page, where you can book a 30-minute Confidence Clarity Call with me.

On the call, we’ll talk more about your specific needs and make sure we’re a good fit.

What happens next?

You’ll be given the link to go to the payment page

Once you’ve completed the payment, you can book your first call and start living your authentic life!


Crack the Confidence Code s different than other programs because:


  • It involves unique creative techniques to engage your mind to eliminate those limiting negative beliefs.
  • You’ll learn to see things from a perspective that enables you to view your life differently and make impactful changes.


  • It’s tailored to meet your individual needs. Although we’ll work to achieving the modules via a certain timetable, I recognize that life may get in the way so there will be flexibility.


There are many coaches out there promising how you’ll achieve world peace and other incredible feats but the main takeaway with this program IS the strength and inner belief to finally take those first steps towards a truly fulfilling future.


I can  have worked for over 20 years supporting and advising women on many aspects of life’s frustration, all which had emotional and self-esteem issues at their core.

I also know with authenticity that life can be tough and the road can often can be littered with complex losses and dilemmas. As someone who’s been there, I’ll commit to walking by your side and work on increasing your inner resources and resilience.


As a coach, I’ll provide the time, attention and questions to generate a sense of hope and possibility for your future.

At the end of each session, you’ll have an increased belief in yourself and the ability to commit to taking the necessary steps.

You’ll know what you want.

You’ll know why you want it.

And you’ll learn how to move forward on your own.


I believe that you have an inner warrior queen who can summon all your insights, strength and truth to help you fight life’s battles. It’s my job to help you switch your mindset from victim to survivor and walk confidently into your future.


“What if I fall? My dear, but what if you fly!!” Peter Pan.



My promise to you…


After working with me for three months:


You’ll be revitalized, recognize your own strengths and able to reframe midlife as a significant turning point in your life.

You’ll know it’s ok to step out in faith, try new things and know failing won’t be the end of the world!

You’ll no longer feel invisible to the world. Instead of being over the hill, you’ll be finding the rainbow on the other side of the mountain!



Deep inner confidence and self-belief are yours if:


You know that NOW is the time to commit to the transformational, deep dive techniques that will move you out of a midlife funk and into your inspirational future.


You’re ready to work on your past beliefs and limiting self-thoughts and challenge the negative narratives of your life.


You’re willing to experiment and be flexible with the how’s and whys and purposefully allow yourself to look at your life with a different perspective.


You want to feel proud of yourself. Taking control of your life and designing a more fulfilling future isn’t easy. Every step you make deserves praise.


You’re willing to ask yourself the difficult questions and repeat over and over, “Is that a true statement?”


Admit you’re just not ready if:


You’re scared of doing the work. The consequences of not solving your problems are more painful than the problem.


You’re indecisive or non-committal. If you struggle with procrastination, then this challenging program isn’t for you.


It hurts to admit that you’ve struggled in the past. It can be a sign of strength to admit your mistakes but not taking responsibility means you can’t be accountable to your future actions.

You’re too tired, busy, clueless, broke to make that giant leap into the unknown.


You lack the tenacity to prove others wrong, knowing you’re more concerned about what others think of you than diving into your inner truth.



I was where you are now a year ago.


I’d been through endless counselling sessions and taken online courses, always searching for some magic pill to take away my past and my pain. I was anxious to know a deep sense of inner peace and acceptance of who I am now.

I wanted an amazing life of fulfillment, peace and happiness.



You can keep going alone and…


Remain stuck in a place of fear and powerlessness.

Believe that you must do everything on your own. (“You made your bed now lie in it.”)

Feel a sense of regret that you were too old, not clever enough, too stressed, scared to take that leap of faith.

Stay in a cycle of depression and anxiety.

Remain in the same unfulfilling job and in 20 years look back at all the choices you COULD have made.


Or you can put an end to all that struggling and join my program. I’ll guide you through the 4 steps to:

  • Unlock your true identity and inner confidence,
  • Release the limitations of your old story,
  • Communicate your needs without being selfish or selfless
  • Use creative, practical techniques to ultimately create a brighter future.


Questions and Answers


  1. What’s the schedule for the course content?


I’ll release each new module as we complete and finalize the previous section.


  1. How often and long will the one-on-one coaching calls be?


We’ll talk via Skype once every two weeks for 50 minutes.

There will be a weekly email update option and an opportunity for you to ask questions as you work through each module.


  1. What can I expect from the modules?


There will be clear guidance for what’s involved in each one. This will include video training sessions, workbook and a resource list.

An initial questionnaire will be sent to you to highlight your main struggles.


  1. Is there a payment plan?


At the time of your order you’ll see the payment options.


  1. What if I have more questions?


No problem. If you have any additional questions you can email me at



Need Customer Service? We’re happy to help!

Any more information on the program structure?

Any issues relating to time zones or communication difficulties?

Get in touch!


Add: P.S. Don’t forget to book your Confidence Clarity Call spots  are limited. So click on the link now to take the first step towards your

new reality NOW!

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