Emotional Burnout – most people aware of what it means, it’s a popular concept and is often associated with the workplace, but it’s also relevant outside of the workplace and in particular to women. Emotional Burnout is more about feeling mentally, physically and emotionally drained – losing your get-up-and-go for all aspects of your life.

I have recently been working with a lot of women with emotional burnout and have recognized that it’s often the hardest workers who experience it, the feelings of detachment and loss of drive being something new to them. A recent study from the Mental Health Foundation found 74% of people feel stressed, overwhelmed and feel they can’t cope.

Women are more prone to emotional burnout because it’s like the dark side of multitasking – which we wear like a badge of honour – we manage our families, careers and home life, often forgetting to look after ourselves.

5 signs which give you an indication that you are on the brink of Emotional Burnout:

1. Low Energy
2. Lack of Motivation
3. Particularly Short-Tempered
4. Lack of Self-Belief
5. Not Taking Care of Yourself

Watch my short video about recognizing the signs of emotional burnout:

If you think you’re struggling with burnout, download my guide ‘How to beat Burnout’ for tips on letting go and re-energizing.

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