Have you ever wished that you can have a quick and effective morning routine that will help you begin your day with vitality and positivity?

Well, here is my 4 Step Easy Morning Ritual to ensure you THRIVE in everything you do! Are you tired of feeling tired even when you first wake up in the morning? Is the first thing you do is look at is your phone? I’ve got a simple but effective little ritual to begin your day with so you feel focused, positive and ready to see yourself flourish. You just need a few tools of the trade such as essential oils and a candle and an optimistic mindset to help you live your life on easy street! Step 1. Create an alter or sacred space .This can be in an area in a room or on your bedside table. Put a candle and oil diffuser on it .It could include crystals or anything that fills you with inspiration. Step 2. Immediately after waking up. Don’t reach for your phone. Instead light the candles and sit focusing on the flames. Take 10 slow breaths in saying out loud or in your head, Today I will triumph” on the inhale and “Nothing will stop me from succeeding” on the exhale. Step 3 Take a moment to enjoy the inspirational display in front of you.Visualise positive golden energy radiating and entering your body, warming and flowing through you. Step 4 Before bed burn Frankincense , cedarwood or sage essential oil. These are good for boosting positivity and take a moment to think about all you have achieved in the day. Let me know if you have any morning rituals that help you?  Best Wishes, Anne.x  

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