Welcome to part five of my mini-series ‘Top 5 Secret Drains on our Energy’.

In this video, I’ll discuss the fifth secret drain on our energy– saying yes when we really mean no.

It can be very difficult, especially when you are a naturally caring person or empath, to say no other people of things in your life.

Saying no can make you feel like you’ve let yourself down or let down the other person, but it’s important to remember that when we are sensitive to others emotions it’s easy to get drawn in to their lives and problems, and to allow their feelings to impact our own –  we naturally want to please at the risk of sacrificing our own well-being.

By not putting down boundaries, we will begin to struggle and feel overwhelmed. It’s vital to your own well-being that you recognise that you can care but it’s better not to try and influence and control other people or situations – that’s not your responsibility.

Watch my four-minute video and hear my top tip on how to recognise when you’re ‘caring too much’ and how to accept and acknowledge your limitations.

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Warmly, Anne

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