4 Step Funk to Freedom Formula-How to call TIME-OUT on emotional burnout to restore your positive energy to feel Joy and Happiness Again!



 DO YOU feel used by people who take from you but are not there when you need them?


DO YOU cling to old friendships because you fear being rejected and that you can’t make now connections?


DO YOU feel hurt and undermined by old relationships ,are told you are too sensitive and made to feel everything is your fault?


DO YOU repeat those same patterns of behaviour with family members who still see you as the 10 year old little girl you once were?


DO YOU stay in the same job you don’t enjoy but lack the belief in your abilities to be able to make a change?


DO YOU lack confidence to focus on your own needs and dreams?


IF SO , then this 4 Step Program is for you!!






This Program will empower all women to break free from souls sucking negativity, create clear boundaries so they can finally live confidently on their own terms.


When you have completed this program you will:


 ⭐️ Feel lighter, energised and more confident to create clear boundaries that serve you.


 ⭐️  Feel more connected and no longer compare yourself with others.


 ⭐️  Be able to trust yourself to make positive decision and consistently make changes that will stick.


⭐️  Have learnt powerful techniques and strategies to let go of negative self talk and feel more positive to move forward in their lives focusing on their own happiness as well as others



Module One- Awareness


Group meditation to help you connect to your heart and intuition.

30 minute talk about what outside influences drain you so you can focus on making the most urgent changes.

Work through the workbook you created and  discuss your thoughts and findings. Identify the main area that you want to work on in the session and what is behind your struggles-what you want to focus on to change.





Module 2- Clarify and Purify.

Fear inventory.Look at what are the main fears that stop you from letting go of stress and negativity so you can heal and move forward. Complete workbook and then discuss and identify blocks.

Complete a forgiveness list and identify how forgiveness will help.

We will go through “Forgive others” visualisation

In this module you will gain clarity on your underlying fears and how they impact on your life and ability to let go of toxic relationship. You will get clarity on what is blocking you. You will Identify and learn about the powerful process of forgiveness as a tool to move forward.


Module 4-Restore and Protect.

In this module you will  restore energy by focusing on the positive. What you have a achieved, focus on strengths and gifts and identify own resources. You will feel good about self, more confident and prepared to move forward armed with protection techniques and resilience to not feel drained again.

You will have created a “Boundary Promise”. What are you going to put in place and for when?(make yourself  accountable)



Module 3- Release

Discuss the concept of limiting beliefs and why and where they come from so you can reframe them and create freedom from your inner critic.

Complete a workbook that focuses on reframing beliefs towards the positive.

Focus on self forgiveness. Complete exercise .You will consider what comes up and what needs to be healed.

Completing the “Cutting the cords” visualisation.

Feedback on how you feel and it’s impact on you.

In this module you will be re framing your underlying beliefs.This will lead to positive thought and feelings.You will learn how to change perspective on your struggles.

You will start the process of self forgiveness-allow yourself  “of the hook,”

you will realise that things are not your fault and you will release self blame.

You will feel a huge relief, a sense of freedom and peace once energy cords are  cut.



1, 30 minute individual call with Anne the week following the workshop.

Here you will “check in” and make sure you are feeling positive as a result of the inner work you have completed.

We will focus on the benefits ,what you have learnt/achieved and your most important takeaway.

Don’t just take my word for it…….


Before I worked with Anne I struggled with the ability to release my emotions, and needed to allow myself to feel some of the emotions which I had held inside after major events in my life.

The results have helped me develop the skills needed to reduce the negative self-talk which was occurring constantly, and I realised how just hard on myself I was being. As a result, I feel that I am more able to define my life-direction, and confident to take risks – I am on the way out of a rut! More able to hear the vice of my intuition – which I had spent so long ignoring.

This work with Anne helped me  accelerate their rate of change – having some structure to the approach means that you can break it down into chunks which seems more manageable, instead of being overwhelmed by trying to work things out on your own.



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