How you can harness the magical power of the Moon and achieve more balance and abundance in your life.

How you can harness the magical power of the Moon and achieve more balance and abundance in your life.

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon…who could not be happy?” Oscar Wilde

Is the excitement of the New year starting to go a bit flat?

Are you in need of a January Reboot?

Maybe you feel stuck on the treadmill of life, in a relentless pattern of struggle to find a better work life balance.

Do you have reoccurring periods of illness and emotional stress and feel disconnected to your body and your feminine cyclical nature?

Do you lack in self-confidence and belief listening to your loud inner critic rather than the soft whisper of your soul?

Perhaps you struggle to switch off and slow down to really value all you have and what you have already achieved?

Well, I have the answer to all these common female challenges!!

I’d love to show you how to connect to your own inner moon goddess and embody the restorative and unlimited energy that you have already deep within you.

That’s why I created Manifest with the Moon Virtual Circle group program – How to create unlimited lunar abundance and joy by connecting to your feminine inner power and the 8 phases of the moon.

The Moon is important in many cultures around the world and it’s incredible energy has been used for centuries as it affects the ocean tides, nature and the seasons. The moon is associated with the divine Feminine and the magical and intuitive nature of women. I’d love to share with you my Moon story, so many women I meet tell me they have always felt a connection to the Moon!

For me it all started about 24 years ago when my daughter was young and as a single parent it was always me driving us home at night from anywhere. I remember I would see the Moon and tell her the story that the Moon was following us home to make sure we were guided back safely to our house!

I always had this sense that when looking up at the night sky I would feel I was never on my own. Mother Moon was always there looking out for me. It was my  place of safety when life became challenging.

Creating Manifest with the Moon Virtual circle came from my own transformational journey of learning all about how the moon can transform how you live your life and connect with women’s own cyclical nature. For me the Moon offers a mirror for self-awareness, a path to practise self-care and enhance our wellbeing, happiness levels and maintain a balance in our lives.

When I talk about Abundance it isn’t a synonym for money, I see it as a way of being, living in flow or superflow, a way to invite more goodness in your life. Abundance can mean gentle steeping in self-love and trusting the right process.

Our ancestors lived in alignment with the seasons and phases of the moon and the feminine energy in particular can be harnessed at this time.  Working with the moon will help bring about this inner light and balance if you feel you need to find with your feminine spirit. The new Moon is the perfect time to start the process.

The  Program runs for 4 weeks and starts at the next New Moon on Friday 24th, 2020 the first New Moon of 2020.

Joining the program you will learn to:

  • Identify the different phases of the moon to amplify the power of your intentions.
  • This will help you reframe your approach to what you want from your life and start to explore and value all that you do have in the present moment.
  • You will start to learn how to work in harmony with the lunar energy to have an impactful effect on your manifesting practises.
  • You will deeply connect but remain grounded, find space and time to draw back, restore and trust in yourself and your life anew.
  • You will cultivate a practise to invite more abundance in your world. Not just with regards to money but more goodness, more love, opportunities, more rest and a greater sense of well-being.
  • You will learn how to be free from anxiety about what you don’t have. Surrender to the knowledge that you will always have enough, be kind to yourself and cultivate more inner peace.

What is included in this group 28 Day program?

4 mini modules which correspond to each different moon phase

4 Live 20 minute training masterclasses at each start of new module in a Facebook group and a Q and A session at the end of each

Workbooks, affirmations  and journaling prompts.

Moon calendar to help you keep yourself on track.

Powerful visualisation/meditation to help you stay focused.


A 30 minute call with me at the end of the program to get clarity on your future intentions and how you will move forward.

The price is $133 (£102)

TO find out more just click on the button below and let’s get this moon manifesting party started!!

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