Double your Joy in just 5 days Challenge! (5th to 9th December 2019)

Find your Bliss Formula, create happiness and then multiply it in only 15 minutes for 5 days.

Are you up for a winter boost to your happiness and joy?

It’s cold and dark outside and your mood is increasingly gloomy…

Do you feel stuck on the treadmill of life just going through the motions, constantly drained by the competing needs of others with no time for yourself?

Is there a voice inside your head saying: “I can’t, I’m too old, unfit, tired, can’t change, why bother?”

Well, I have the answer…

This super chill, no pressure challenge will help you play with the idea of creating an upward mood spiral, putting your focus on what brings you bliss.

This simple and transformative challenge encourages us to find the things we love, appreciate the little things and tap into a more sparkling range of emotions.

Just before the busy and craziness of the Holidays begins, take time out of your busy schedule for only 15 minutes each day to focus on YOU!

As a result you will

  • Be able to look at making changes, see yourself as powerful and in control.
  • Acknowledge the good things in your life and improve your mood and wellbeing.
  • Feel happier, more confident, fulfilled and excited for your new future
  • Believe that you can make changes that stick and create boundaries that meet your needs.

You will join our Facebook group  – it’s where everything happens!  and you can receive your extra motivation and support each day. You’ll also be able to access the Challenge Workbook, it’s there for you to download to help and support you on your happiness journey!

Just click on the link and let’s start up-leveling your joy frequency

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