| Four Signs that it’s Time to Adjust Your Mindset

| Four Signs that it’s Time to Adjust Your Mindset

It sounds quite simple but ultimately how we look at our lives is fundamental to whether or not we’re going to be happy or unhappy. If you are constantly consumed by negative thoughts, worries and stress, you’ll feel unsatisfied and unhappy with how your life is going – the risk is then that your perception then becomes your reality.


This is why working on your mindset is so important and can make a huge difference to your life.


The four signs that it’s time to adjust your mindset are:


  1. You focus on everything that’s going wrong
  2. You refuse to face the truth
  3. You become angry when your expectations aren’t met
  4. You always see yourself as a victim


If you feel you are experiencing any of these, working on, and adjusting your mindset can have a huge impact on your life, wellbeing and emotional stability.


Watch my latest video for more detailed examples of how these signs may be affecting your life:


Stress Relief Series | Four Signs that it’s Time to Adjust Your Mindset





Recognising and learning your behaviour patterns is one of the first steps to take and in my next video, I’ll share some tips on how you can begin to make a change in your life.


Stress Relief Series | Techniques for managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress Relief Series | Techniques for managing Stress and Anxiety

This week I wanted to share a technique I’ve used when I’ve been feeling stressed or anxious. A number of years ago I had a serious anxiety breakdown and as a result of that I was having frequent and quite overwhelming panic attacks, brought on by the culmination of a lot of things.


One of the coping strategies which helped enormously when I was in a fearful state was meditation – specifically spending a few minutes focusing on my breath.


Meditation has had the biggest impact on me in finding ways to manage and cope with anxiety. Often, if we suffer from stress and anxiety it can be something that we are often prone to at different stages of our lives, even though you may have come through it in the past.


We need effective strategies to cope, we live in a world of constant fear and pressure and it’s easy to get the sense of feeling stressed and overwhelmed – being able to practice mediation and breathing doesn’t have to mean sitting for hours – it’s about focussing on your breath, simply and purely.


If you are particularly struggling with stress at this moment, actually focussing onto your breath and being able to shift your sense of stress and fear and concentrate on a different part of your body and re-directing your energy will create a break or shift in your thoughts.


A simple technique is to feel the breath – watch my latest video for a step by step guide – Stress Relief Series | Techniques for managing Stress and Anxiety on my YouTube channel:


I’ve also created a meditation which I’ve found really useful and use frequently with my clients, it focusses on getting out of your head and into your heart and intuition, you can find this in our Facebook Group – if you haven’t joined, you can do so HERE



If you have any tips or suggestions on what you do to help yourself in times of stress, please let me know, helping each other and being positive and supportive makes a huge difference to our well-being!



Warmly, Anne

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!




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