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Have you ever wished that you can have a quick and effective morning routine that will help you begin your day with vitality and positivity?

Well, here is my 4 Step Easy Morning Ritual to ensure you THRIVE in everything you do! Are you tired of feeling tired even when you first wake up in the morning? Is the first thing you do is look at is your phone? I’ve got a simple but effective little ritual to begin your day with so you feel focused, positive and ready to see yourself flourish. You just need a few tools of the trade such as essential oils and a candle and an optimistic mindset to help you live your life on easy street! Step 1. Create an alter or sacred space .This can be in an area in a room or on your bedside table. Put a candle and oil diffuser on it .It could include crystals or anything that fills you with inspiration. Step 2. Immediately after waking up. Don’t reach for your phone. Instead light the candles and sit focusing on the flames. Take 10 slow breaths in saying out loud or in your head, Today I will triumph” on the inhale and “Nothing will stop me from succeeding” on the exhale. Step 3 Take a moment to enjoy the inspirational display in front of you.Visualise positive golden energy radiating and entering your body, warming and flowing through you. Step 4 Before bed burn Frankincense , cedarwood or sage essential oil. These are good for boosting positivity and take a moment to think about all you have achieved in the day. Let me know if you have any morning rituals that help you?  Best Wishes, Anne.x  
How not to just survive as an empath but thrive!

How not to just survive as an empath but thrive!

How to not just Survive but Thrive as an Empath!

If you identify yourself as an empath you may feel defenceless in the presence of others emotions, stress and physical discomfort. You may absorb their every hurt, worry and ache. It is draining and can lead to your own emotional burnout. It is so important to develop a strategy to survive.  A number of times in my life previously I felt like I’ve have no control because I’ve just believed that how I was feeling was dependent on how the people that I loved were feeling at any given time. Once I learnt that there were different techniques to use to protect and support myself I had a huge sense of freedom. Practising these on a consistent basis meant I could reclaim my life back.
1.     Try and recognise that you are becoming “drama fixer”. This is someone who by default is the person that everybody else goes to get their support. As a result it becomes so much part of your identity that it’s hard to imagine yourself as the person that doesn’t try and make everybody else feel better.Once I  realised that focusing on other people meant that I was not facing up to my own problems and struggles I knew that the balance needed to shift. Accepting that it was not my job to make everybody else happy and nor could I “save” them I was able to face my fears,start to address my own difficulties and actually  move forward in my life.
2.     Learn to give yourself a chance to rest if you’re close friends and family are going through a difficult time. It’s okay to make time to yourself, : walk in nature even if it’s just to take a bath for half an hour it will make a difference to your resilience. The old saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is a powerful one that has started to finally impact me over these last few years.
3.     Practising staying present and breathing can really help you not to allow others emotions to sink deep into you. If you have spent some time with somebody who drained you or after a difficult conversation or event it’s okay to come home and perform a simple  clearing ceremony. A recommend  smudging yourself with dried sage and release all the negative energy around you and your home.
4.     Learn to ground yourself and expel any bad thoughts and feelings. You can do this in nature with your bare feet on the ground. However you can also achieve this by going somewhere quiet ,sitting with your back straight and your feet firmly planted on the floor, closing your eyes and visualising a cord at the bottom of your feet going down to the earths core. By grounding yourself you will feel connected to the earth and to your stability and core. There are a number of grounding medications available. The one by Rebecca Campbell is the best that I have used. Grounding helps you to have a sense of being in control and that you are supported.
5.     If you’re struggling give yourself a chance to slow down and switch off from sensory overload. Unplug yourself from all technology and retreat into a room where it is quiet. Take a few minutes to have a nap or meditate and give yourself a chance to re-calibrate.
6.     Before you go out  each morning complete a protective  visualisation where are you imagine a beautiful shield of white or golden light from the top of your head and all around your body. Think of this as a shield of protection and when you’re out in the world consider anybody’s words thoughts or actions and see them as bouncing off your shield rather than impacting negatively on how are you feel. If you struggle with visualisation create some simple affirmations to say on a regular basis. Such as: I will protect my energy around training people. I will learn to set healthy boundaries. I will learn to say no at the right time. I listen to at my intuition about the relationships that do nothing for me.
I’d love to know if this helps you! Anne.x
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Are you a Sponge?? (4 Easy Ways to tell if you have the heart of an Empath)

Are you a Sponge? And I don’t mean a hot treacle dessert from the UK!

What I am referring to is actually an emotional sponge. 

The technical term is Empath!

Ordinary empathy means your heart goes out to another understanding their enjoy or their pain. Being an Empath, it means it goes much further. You actually feel others emotions ,their energy and physical symptoms in your body without the usual defenses that most people have. Being an Empath means that you consents subtle energy and internalize the feelings pain and physical sensations of others.

Often an empath will feel everything to an extreme and have little regard the train others and yourself. Empaths are emotional sponges who absorb both the stress and the joy of the world. However, as a result you are often overwhelmed by excess stimulation or are prone to exhaustion and sensory overload.

Clearly there are many good sides to being an empath-being intuitive ,reading people easily and experiencing the richness of being open to life. Empaths  have big hearts and want to help others. They are dreamers ,idealists ,passionate creatives and in touch with their emotions. Their ability to synchronize with others moods helps them foster good relationships. However, they can become overstimulated and prone to emotional and burnout. 

Sometimes they over give to other people thinking that they could heal them without including your own needs in the mix. Relationships were draining and stat preventing you from everything and you start losing yourself.

And here’s the science bit!!

Empaths of thought to have hyper responsive mirror neurons that make them deeply resonate with other people’s feelings so when their child cries they feel sad and when their friend is happy they feel happy.

When I heard about being an Empath I had this huge sense of relief!

After nearly 30 years of caring for others in my job as a social worker, as a single mum and in every aspect of my life I began to realise that  I actually was using looking after the people as a way of avoiding connecting to my own feelings. It was easier for me to focus on others emotions than to understand my own. Although I was supporting others through difficult life challenges , I wasn’t expressing my own struggles and feelings.

Suddenly I had this overwhelming understanding of my history and my own life and of why I often felt so drained and in danger of feeling like a victim of my own story.

The first step to making any change is always awareness. Just being able to understand and see the reason for how we have been feelings suddenly change doesn’t seem quite so hard and impossible.

Here are 4 easy ways to know if you have the heart of an Empath. 

1. You are quick to take on others’ moods. 

When you are talking to somebody who is very down or angry do you find that before you know it you feel the same? Sometimes these emotions will linger either after the conversation is ended. If you walk into a room with people who are stressed are you feel stressed that even speaking to anyone .Do you find that you take on other people’s fears and worries about global issues and you worry about how others feel about you?

2. Just one bad news story can send you in to a low mood and energy and affect you all day. 

Some stories may affect you for several days and you may sink into a depressive state and feel hopeless. Sometimes it feels like you’re carrying the energy and emotions of people who were directly involved in tragedy or disaster.

3.You are told that you’re too sensitive.

Partners friends and family members will often tell you the that you are too sensitive. This will be over your feelings and how we react two situations and life challenges.

4.You are a good listener.

You are somebody that your friends will come to for advice on a regular basis. People tell you that you are a good listener and can help them with  their problems. Sometimes when you’re out in public you have random people telling you their problems life story. Your energy is picked up on a subconscious level and some people will gravitate towards you to dump their problems on you.

Knowing what is going on inside yourself helps you to then be able to take action to improve all areas of your life.

Once I was able to identify the characteristics of my emotional state I was then able to find ways to protect myself.

I was able to learn and create strategies to clear myself of these negative energies and create different techniques to ground myself and finally be able to protect myself from the drains in my life. 

It might take a little time effort and consistent action that it will make huge difference on how you feel on a day to day basis

I will talk more and go into more detail about these protection strategies in the future so watch this space!

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