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Women's Stress Relief Coach

I help women release all stress and negativity in their lives

to restore their energy, create clear boundaries

and live confidently on their own terms!”

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Four Step Funk to Freedom Formula Signature System.

How to call TIME-OUT to emotional burnout and restore your positive energy so you can feel joy and happiness again!


What People Are Saying

“I couldn’t have got through the recent difficulties in my life without the support and guidance from Anne”


Library assistant

“Thank you Anne for your kindness, your insight and your ability to keep me accountable for my actions!”



“Since working with you I have been able to really acknowledge my creativity and skills and move forward with practical action that has made such a difference in my life -Thank you for everything!”




| Four Signs that it’s Time to Adjust Your Mindset

It sounds quite simple but ultimately how we look at our lives is fundamental to whether or not we’re going to be happy or unhappy. If you are constantly consumed by negative thoughts, worries and stress, you’ll feel unsatisfied and unhappy with how your life is going...

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Stress Relief Series | Techniques for managing Stress and Anxiety

This week I wanted to share a technique I’ve used when I’ve been feeling stressed or anxious. A number of years ago I had a serious anxiety breakdown and as a result of that I was having frequent and quite overwhelming panic attacks, brought on by the culmination of a...

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This week, in Part 2 of our ‘Going from stressed to serene this summer’ Series, we’re focusing on how to stop obsessing about a particular goal or outcome. Without us realising, this can be a continual drain on us, particularly at this time of the year. We usually...

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5 Secrets on how to find balance in your life.

      Are you feeling drained and lacking in energy? In this week’s video I talk about 3 easy hacks on how to boost your energy and recharge.   Implementing these 3 easy steps can make you feel good about yourself again:   Ask yourself, what...

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Part 4 | Top Five Secret Drains on our Energy

Welcome to part four of my mini-series ‘Top 5 Secret Drains on our Energy’. In this video, I’ll discuss the fourth secret drain on our energy– when we become obsessed with achieving our goals. Are you a perfectionist, an obsessive goal setter–...

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