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Women's Negativity Freedom Coach

I help women release all negativity in their lives

to restore their energy, create clear boundaries

and live confidently on their own terms!”

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Four Step Funk to Freedom Formula Signature System.

How to call TIME-OUT to emotional burnout and restore your positive energy so you can feel joy and happiness again!


What People Are Saying

“I couldn’t have got through the recent difficulties in my life without the support and guidance from Anne”


Library assistant

“Thank you Anne for your kindness, your insight and your ability to keep me accountable for my actions!”



“Since working with you I have been able to really acknowledge my creativity and skills and move forward with practical action that has made such a difference in my life -Thank you for everything!”




Part 2 | Top Five Secret Drains on our Energy

Welcome to part two of my mini-series ‘Top 5 Secret Drains on our Energy’. In this video, I’ll discuss the second secret drain on our energy– when we become over-involved in gossip and criticizing others.  Do you feel uncomfortable or upset when you hear...

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Top Five Secret Drains on our Energy

Welcome to part one of my mini-series ‘Top 5 Secret Drains on our Energy’. We sometimes aren’t aware of our emotional habits and how they drain our energy. We’ve often carried these habits for many years, so much so, they become part of our everyday life - draining...

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Are you dreaming of experiencing true freedom of self?

Have you ever had times in your life when you’ve felt lonely and out of control, overwhelmed with a loss of self-belief and confidence? In today’s video, I introduce myself and encourage you to join us on our journey as we release negativity from our lives and...

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Post 3

Have you ever wished that you can have a quick and effective morning routine that will help you begin your day with vitality and positivity?Well, here is my 4 Step Easy Morning Ritual to ensure you THRIVE in everything you do! Are you tired of feeling...

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Post 2

How to not just Survive but Thrive as an Empath!If you identify yourself as an empath you may feel defenceless in the presence of others emotions, stress and physical discomfort. You may absorb their every hurt, worry and ache. It is draining and can lead...

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Post 1

Are you a Sponge?😉 (4 Easy Ways to tell if you have the heart of an Empath)Are you a Sponge? And I don’t mean a hot treacle dessert from the UK!What I am referring to is actually an emotional sponge. The technical term is Empath!Ordinary empathy means your heart...

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